History of Charter Schools

Charter schools are a fairly recent development within public education. Charter school law began in 1991 in Minnesota, but within 4 years were legally established in an additional 19 states. As of 2009 there were more than 5,000 charter schools serving more than 1.5 million children across the United States.

Charter Schools began in California in 1992 and California’s charter school law earned an “A” grade from the Center for Education Reform (CER) (“Accountability Report,” February 2009). The strength of its law is ranked as the 5th strongest in the nation by CER.

California Charters are “outpacing their conventional public school peers with fewer resources and tremendous obstacles.” (CER “Accountability Report”)

Not all charter schools are the same, but their rapid growth is due to one thing: improved student performance and personalized education.

We are a formal, accredited public school, subject to and compliant with all of the laws and regulations of both the State and Federal Governments operating under the authorization of a ‘charter’ of a public school district.

Our sponsor is Gorman Elementary School District in Gorman, California.

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