VCI Program

Vendor Course Instruction (VCI) is the use of extracurricular activities to supplement and enrich core curriculum content. A Vendor Course Instructor is an individual or a company that contracts with Gorman Learning Charter Network (GLCN) to provide services such as tutoring, science labs, and performing arts classes.

VCI Funding

There is a dollar amount designated for each student enrolled at GLCN. The PLT is able to transfer EMR funding into the VCI budget to be used towards an approved vendor service.

VCI Policy at a Glance

  • The PLT actively manages the student’s VCI by ensuring that the student is using his/her funds in accordance with a personalized learning plan.
  • Services must be provided by an approved VCI vendor.
  • VCI funding is available year round.
  • VCI can be used for tutoring services or special workshops to broaden basic knowledge and skills.
  • The student must have a purchase order to start and/or continue receiving vendor services.
  • Parent/Student are advised to contact the vendor to confirm purchase order approval before beginning or continuing services.
  • VCI does not pay for registration and/or material fees [Ed. Code. 51747.3].
  • Any amount owed to the vendor that exceeds the student’s approved purchase order is not the responsibility of Gorman Learning Charter Network

For additional information, please contact Amber Ross, Fiscal Services Specialist ~ VCI. or 909-307-6312 Ext. 4517 in our Redlands business office.

VCI General Information 2019-2020
VCI Vendors List 2019-2020