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Field Trips

Field Trips 2018-2019
Gorman is happy to offer school-wide sponsored field trips. We have also included a list of locations and ideas for you to pursue on your own. Field trips are a great way to spend time together, motivate, learn and improve understanding!

Check back frequently for updates and information

Field Trip Coordinator Contact: fieldtrip@gormanlc.org
*Important Policies:*

- *Once confirmed, your family is responsible to reimburse Gorman for any fees incurred for your unused RSVPed slots (INCLUDING STUDENTS) if you have to cancel for ANY reason by the RSVP/cancellation deadline.*
- *Transportation to and from all field trips is the responsibility of families unless otherwise specified.*
- *Field trips are limited to students, their MINOR-aged siblings, and their custodial parent/guardian.*
- *Gorman pays for all students who attend, while families pay for minor-aged siblings and parents/guardians who attend as well as any parking fees.*
- Permission slips MUST completed on-line using the link above at least two days PRIOR to the field trip.
- *One permission slip is required for EACH minor-aged child (even infants) attending, once per school year.*
- Space is limited. RSVPs are accepted on a first RSVPed–first served basis
- A waiting list will be created once capacity for any trip is exceeded
- All students, their MINOR-AGED siblings, and their custodial parent/guardians are welcome to attend (unless there are exceptions noted below). *Though we would love to include extended family or friends on our school’s field trips, that is NOT something we can accommodate* (there may be case-by-case exceptions due to extenuating circumstances—simply e-mail fieldtrip@gormanlc.org to check).

*Currently accepting reservations for all field trips listed below.*

- *Reservations are accepted on a first RSVPed, first served basis.*
- Space is limited but waiting lists will be compiled.
- More field trips will be added as dates and details are confirmed.

Families must RSVP for EACH desired field trip to fieldtrip@gormanlc.org with the following information:

1. Students’ names and grade level who are wishing to attend
2. MINOR-aged siblings’ names and ages who are wishing to attend
3. Parents/custodial guardian names wishing to attend (no extended
4. Contact phone number
5. PLT name (Personalized Learning Teacher—Gorman Teacher)
6. Field trip being reserved
*Upcoming Outings*

*LA County Fair, Wednesday, September 12 at 9:00 a.m. RSVP/cancel by Thursday, September 6*

- RSVP with required information above by Thursday, September 6
- *Free for all who attend*
- Parking is included
- We enter as a group when the gates open early for field trips only
- Once inside, families are free to enjoy the many exhibits and activities the fair has to offer
- Kids in Grades K-8 can earn free ride tickets
- Enjoy petting zoos, educational games, oodles of exhibits, delicious food, and loads of interactive booths and displays
- Families are free to stay as long or leave as early as they need
*More field trips are in the works. As soon as they’re confirmed, additional updates will be sent through your Gorman teacher as well as updated here on our website.*

All minors (including babies in the arms) must have an e-field trip permission completed. Be sure to read the permission slip so you know what you’re signing!

*Additional Reminders*

1. One form per year is required for each minor attending. After submitting an e-permission slip once, only RSVP e-mails are required to attend additional trips throughout the year. Woo hoo! All attendees aged 18 and over (unless an enrolled GLC student) MUST sign the chaperone portion of the permission slip.
2. Families must RSVP to fieldtrip@gormanlc.org. As soon as they receive a confirmation e-mail back from the field trip coordinator, Kari Haloviak, they are CONFIRMED and responsible for any associated fees. If a family needs to cancel, they must cancel by the RSVP cut-off date listed by each field trip.If they have to cancel, for ANY reason after that date, they will be responsible for all confirmed admissions (including students) unless a replacement can be found for their slots.
3. All field trip questions and communication can be answered by referring to the website or by e-mailingfieldtrip@gormanlc.org. Phone calls will not be returned but e-mails will.
4. Numbers are limited on these wonderful learning opportunities. Field trip reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once capacity has been reached, a waiting list will be compiled.
5. In the past, student behavior has been exemplary. If that should not prove to be the case for any student this year, poor behavior will result in that student and his/her family being denied attendance on all remaining GLC field trips.
6. Transportation to and from each field trip is the responsibility of each family attending. Though we meet at each destination at a designated time and participate as a group, Gorman is unable to provide transportation for students due to our wide geographic service area.